(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feja2NDzb5g)

The Failure live audio rig has no capacity for a festival to tap a multitrack feed. This is a great thing because they have to use my stereo FOH mix instead of the usual – some random-ish levels from a guy in a broadcast truck who’s never heard the band and is mixing 8 other sets that day. (they actually do that, don’t blame the band’s guy next time you hear a ridiculous sounding festival stream) 

This was very early in the 2015 tour, only the second show for the new THIAM songs performed live. You can hear the band and me hitting our groove here I think! 

Sounded lovely in real world too. L-Acoustics K2 PA. The imaging, placement and depth is just outta this world. 

Saturday Saviour 0:00
Sergeant Politeness + Segue 1 4:21
Pillowhead 11:10
Mulholland Drive 13:56
Hot Traveler 18:34
A.M. Amnesia 23:30
Counterfeit Sky 28:59
Otherwhere 34:38
Another Space Song 37:56
Frogs 43:22
Smoking Umbrellas 48:23
The Nurse Who Loved Me 52:58
Stuck on You 58:02
Heliotropic 1:02:15


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